Loved by Pediatric Specialists

  • Nikki

    "I work as a pediatric SLP and this is a favorite for so many of my clients. I highly recommend this toy as an addition to SLPs and parents who want to support their kids’ understanding of emotions at a young age."

  • Sarah

    "As a speech language pathologist, I can’t recommend this toy enough. I have yet to meet a preschooler that is it obsessed with this toy."

  • Katee

    "Absolutely, love this toy! As a SLP, it has been a wonderful tool to target identifying emotions, recognizing facial expressions, and improving social communication skills. My clients have loved sorting the faces and acting out the emotions. Great quality product!"

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  • Sara

    "I'm an occupational therapist in the public schools and I love using this toy with my students to teach not only social emotional skills but fine and visual motor skills as well. It's a motivating and fun way to get kids engaged and learn to talk about their feelings."

  • Elizabeth

    "I love using this toy with my students in OT sessions! It's a great fine motor/visual motor activity. The kids love the bright colors and dropping the pieces into the slots, and I love that it works on so many skills! And it's durable and easy to clean between kids!"

  • Nadine

    "Just used this wonderful activity for the first time in a therapy session with one of my kiddos! It was a hit! A wonderful way to keep them engaged in not only attending to an activity that requires concentration and coordination but expand their vocabulary - will use it regularly!"

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